Memorial Stadium will undergo some changes before the 2024 Indiana football season begins on August 31 against FIU.

According to a press release, the stadium will feature a new team entrance, improved dining options through IU's partnership with Levy, more outdoor suites, a new spot for the in-house DJ and a different location for The Rock.

Relocation of Hep's Rock at Indiana University's Memorial Stadium

The three-ton limestone remnant from the original construction of Memorial Stadium will be moved from the north end zone to the east concourse. IU said the stone is being moved with the consent of the Hoeppner family to provide “an even greater part of the IU fan experience on game days.”

The rock was introduced in 2005 by former head coach Terry Hoeppner. Hoeppner died in 2007 after a battle with brain cancer. It was dedicated as Hep's Rock that same year.

“At its new location, Hep's Rock will now be an official part of The Walk, with players, coaches and staff interacting with the touchstone before entering the stadium,” the press release states. “Its location also makes Hep's Rock accessible to students, alumni and fans at all times.”

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With the new location for Hep's Rock, the entrance for game day teams will also be redesigned.

“The Thomas James Productions group will expand and enclose the tunnel, as well as provide pyrotechnics and a new, immersive experience for fans,” the press release states.

Expansion of the outdoor facilities at Memorial Stadium

Last season, Memorial Stadium opened eight outdoor court-level suites for the first time. Due to the overwhelming response, the university will expand its offerings for the 2024 season by adding eight more outdoor suites on the Rooftop at the Rock.

New dining options at Memorial Stadium

IU Athletics has partnered with Levy to oversee “every aspect of game day hospitality at Memorial Stadium.” The press release states that due to renovations at the venue, upscale food and beverage options will be available for fans.

“In addition to some exciting new food partnerships with local restaurants, Levy will offer the traditional person-to-person concession options fans have come to expect from IU venues, as well as new grab-and-go touchpoints that make the concession visit more convenient for customers,” the press release said.

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