Although we're in the midst of holidays, barbecues, and pool days, the school year is almost here (sorry). But if you're moving into a dorm this fall, you have a lot to look forward to—including decorating your own room. And where better to look for inspiration than Pinterest?

The pinboard platform just revealed the most popular dorm room trends of 2024, along with search terms that cover the basics you'll need to start designing your perfect dorm room aesthetic. Here's what you need to know about all the trending styles, from flirty to “wicked.”

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Granddaughter on the coast

You've probably heard of the coastal grandma aesthetic, which is all about using beachy, bright, clean decor in a very classic or even slightly old-fashioned style. The coastal grandma aesthetic is, of course, the closest relative of this aesthetic. The coastal granddaughter is typically more modern and trendy (and sometimes more casual) than its predecessor.

Coastal granddaughter style color palettes typically include pastel blues and whites, although some beach themes incorporate bright pinks and reds into some statement pieces. Also listed under this aesthetic is the Pinterest search for jute rope mirrors, which add a touch of nautical style.


The “Old Money” trend has become a popular topic on social media, so it's no surprise that this is one of Pinterest's most popular dorm room designs for college students this year. “Luxury dorm room,” “luxury hotel design,” and “old money decor” are some of the most popular search terms.

According to Pinterest, you can expect a lot of black and gold accessories as part of the luxury aesthetic. Try to keep things relatively minimalistic and use a few essential statement pieces (usually on the bed or even a small seating area). Of course, you'll also need warm ambient lighting. If your goal for the academic year is to elevate your dorm from its traditional, boring shoebox-like look, go for a luxurious approach.

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Will artistic dorm decor ever die out? Of course not. If you're a fan of the artistic aesthetic, you already know that you need a lot of posters, prints, and artwork to decorate your walls and give your space a lived-in and personal feel.

Pinterest also points out that miniature photo frames and mosaic art are trendy ways to redecorate your dorm if that's your chosen style. Artistic dorm rooms typically invest in bright, varied colors, funky decor pieces, and a curated collection of artwork, records or CDs, and books. It's long dominated college students' Pinterest feeds, so you can expect to find plenty more inspiration on the app.


Gen Z continues to be obsessed with all things flirty (which you may already know if you've been to Michael's recently), so you can expect to see some perfectly pink dorm rooms on campus soon. Pinterest said the search for flirty often involves looking for pink palettes, vintage decor items and floral elements.

Whether you want to incorporate floral posters and comfy ruffled bedding or want an aesthetic that just screams “sweet,” “Coquette” is the inspiration you need.

Nicolas Gourguechon


Who doesn't want to bring nature indoors these days? Whether you're more into the botanical side of things or just like neutral, muted colors to calm your space, earthy style is like a comfy blanket you can throw over anything in your room.

You'll need plants (and hopefully a way to keep them alive during winter break), botanical posters, mood lighting, simple bedding, layered rugs, and rustic decor. Incorporate as much natural wood grain and earthy materials as possible into your larger pieces. Pinterest also points out that the two most popular colors that fall under this aesthetic are, of course, green and brown.


If you want your dorm to be as trendy and influencer-inspired as possible, go for the “baddie” aesthetic. This is definitely not a minimalist design style, but it can vary in terms of color and style: You'll usually see lots of LED strip lighting – usually on the top and bottom of each wall, under the bed, and around the headboard of the bed. Fluffy textures, Y2K decor, and blush or pink are other staples.

Pinterest also recommends neon signs, with searches for this term up 160%. String lights, mirrored walls, and the infamous high heel-shaped chair are some other popular terms the platform categorizes under this aesthetic to get you started.


As the name suggests, gothic dorms rely heavily on moody color palettes and dark decor. They often have a bold, feminine vibe—according to Pinterest, luxurious candles and gothic floral arrangements both fall into this aesthetic—and are usually most defined by the color of the room itself.

To incorporate it into your dorm design, opt for consistently dark, vampy color palettes for all of your essential dorm items. Dim, warm lighting and lavish decor also add to the aesthetic. And if you're into astrology, you might want to add vintage or witchy items—think moon posters or secondhand statues.

Ready to start pinning? If you don't know where to start, know that Pinterest and Urban Outfitters are launching a Back to College contest where college students have the chance to win a $5,000 Urban Outfitters gift card to use to makeover their dorm or apartment. To enter, create a board on Pinterest titled “Back to College Contest” and save at least five Urban Outfitters pins.

Whatever aesthetic you choose, we just hope your roommate approves.

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