The heat wave in the South Bay has claimed 18 lives, Santa Clara County confirmed on Wednesday.

According to the county, there were 18 heat-related deaths as of Wednesday afternoon. The county has not released the identities of the deceased or whether they were all homeless.

On Tuesday, Santa Clara County announced that the coroner Investigation of 14 deaths in connection with the heat wave. Of these 14 people, authorities confirmed that two were homeless and one was living in temporary accommodation.

One of first reported heat-related deaths happened on July 2. The death was reported by San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan.

“This was a preventable tragedy and that is why we must now work with urgency to provide sufficient basic and dignified housing for all. It is not compassionate to allow people to suffer in uncontrolled, homeless and unsafe conditions,” Mahan said on July 3 at X.

The San Jose Peace and Justice Center's Unhoused Response Group (URG) reported that at least five homeless people have died from heat-related illnesses since July 1.

“Nobody is getting a handle on this. People say there is an emergency, but nobody is responding as if it were an emergency.” said Shaunn Cartwright, who works voluntarily at URG.

The California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is coordinating with local governments and emergency managers to address regional needs during the heat wave. A current list of open local cooling centers by county can be found on the Cal OES website.

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