WEBB CITY, MO – Webb City High School was packed Wednesday night as several students from grades 6-8 participated in a 7-on-7 game.

75 young athletes would attend the camp as Cardinals head coach Ryan McFarland wanted to give them a feel for what the high school football game could be like. McFarland led the camp with his high school players and spoke about the importance of developing the game.

“The more we talked about it, the more we thought about improving the game. If we want to complete passes on Friday night, we need to have younger players throwing and catching the ball,” McFarland said.

Experienced quarterback Jackson Lucas praised the young athletes and their commitment.

“Webb City football is their passion and it’s good to know they take it seriously and want to be part of our program,” Lucas said.

Boden, a rising eighth-grader in Webb City, explained the importance of getting good feedback from coaches.

“They really help you with everything,” Boden said.

“They talk to you and tell you what you need to fix.”

Two more camps are planned with Webb City High School, with the next 7-on-7 camp scheduled for Wednesday, July 17.

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