The news cycle surrounding Sketch has been hectic. The Madden streamer has become the topic of conversation for celebrities who are bigger than him and in different fields than him. DJ Akademiks dedicated part of his July 10 stream to explaining why the controversy surrounding Sketch is actually good for business. The streamer admitted that he previously had an OnlyFans account where he performed sexual acts with other men. However, the wide range of opinions on the subject is what makes it so nice to hear from someone who actually knows Sketch. His girlfriend, in fact.

Faith Ordway, a social media influencer, addressed the Sketch OnlyFans leaks via TikTok. She assured fans that nothing has changed between her and Sketch, regardless of what information has come to light. “I have no opinion,” Ordway explained. “Nothing has changed at all. Sketch is still Sketch. He's still the person you see and love. And that I love and know.” The influencer also clarified whether she has seen the OnlyFans leaks herself. She explained that she has avoided them because she feels like it doesn't concern her. “I've stayed away from doing any kind of deep dive,” she added. “Because it's just none of my business.”

Sketch's girlfriend hasn't seen the OnlyFans leaks

Reactions from fans have been varied, which Faith Ordway also discusses in her TikTok. “There's obviously a lot of hate towards him,” she acknowledged. “This is obviously a bit of a surprise attack for people, so they suck it up and it's spread everywhere.” The good news, however, is that Sketch has also received widespread support from the Twitch community. Ordway is confident that his career will continue to flourish in the future and relieved that at the end of the day, Sketch is “safe.”

Ordway ended the TikTok by attempting to explain what Sketch has been through over the past week. She noted that very few people will understand what it's like to be watched by so many people, especially when something personal comes to light, like OnlyFans leaks. “Send him love,” she urged viewers. “Don't say hurtful things that you might find funny.” This point is especially important given what Sketch himself has said about the aftermath of the OnlyFans revelation. The streamer admitted that he considered taking his own life and that the support of friends, family, and fans helped him get through it.

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