SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) – The Bay Area is currently experiencing its second heat wave of the month.

The first sent temperatures soaring during the Fourth of July holiday and contributed to at least 18 deaths in Santa Clara County.

And the county coroner's office says that number could rise as more deaths remain under investigation overnight.

In a statement on the deaths, the agency confirmed that “two people were homeless and one person was in a transitional housing program.”

“I would imagine that a lot of people are dying because their bodies cannot withstand the temperatures in these cars and vans, you know?” said Knight of the Order of Malta Duke Powers as he delivered relief supplies to volunteers at a camp near San Jose Mineta International Airport.

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“There are going to be people who just won't make it through this,” said Shaunn Cartwright, an attorney with the Unhoused Response Group.

Cartwright says of the 18 people killed, at least six were over 50 years old.

“People are in such a situation right now, they are hungry, they are extremely thirsty and they are at a point where they just can't help themselves anymore. They have to do it themselves, they are so exhausted and really on the verge of distress right now,” she said.

As the heat continues, the county's emergency management office is keeping more than 20 cooling centers open, some with extended hours.

The VTA is offering free rides to the centers until Friday.

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“If they need a safe place to go to escape the heat, find water and charge their devices, this is available to them,” said Charles Harris, a spokesman for the Santa Clara County Emergency Management Agency.

The Office of Supportive Housing was also on site on Wednesday to conduct relief efforts and distribute water to the camps.

In the meantime, they encourage everyone to check on their loved ones.

“Make sure they have enough water and food and that their air conditioning is working. And if they don't have air conditioning, that they can be taken to a cooling center,” Harris said.

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