There is currently a new health craze gaining popularity in which people release pent-up gases by walking and farting.When Canadian actress Mairlyn Smith explained on TikTok that she and her husband take 10- to 20-minute walks, which she calls “fart walks,” people were quick to question whether it really contributes to their health.

What is farting?

Farting is currently the biggest social media trend | Image: Canva

If you have a large Have a good meal and you feel bloated, then your stomach is full. Then your digestive system takes over, processes your food and is regulated by the autonomic nervous system.

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This system regulates your heart rate and blood pressure as well as your digestive reflexes. This regulates the digestion and absorption of nutrients while eliminating excess waste products and gases.

This is the case when the parasympathetic nervous system nervous The digestive system activates your intestines and causes them to produce digestive juices that use enzymes to break down your meal so it can be more easily absorbed.

When you fart, it is because your digestive system has broken down fiber-rich foods and indigestible carbohydrates, which remain in the intestines and ferment.

How does fart walking help?

Canadian actress Mairlyn Smith started the trend | Image: YouTube

This gas is then released and, if it has accumulated, can cause stomach pain. Let's go back to walking. According to a study, gastrointestinal disorders can interfere with exercise.

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The journal article states: “Gastrointestinal discomfort during prolonged walking may impair exercise performance, although these symptoms are less frequent and less severe compared with prolonged, intense exercise.”

Another study found that respondents reported more farting while resting than during exercise. There are also reports of runners wetting their pants while running marathons, so it may not be a good idea to sprint after a big dinner.

Check out the viral trend here.

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