Before he made his way to champion status in the UFC spotlight, Alex Pereira was the crown jewel of Glory Kickboxing. As Glory's first two-weight champion, there was no one to challenge him until he faced Artem Vakhitov. “Poatan” fought the Russian to defend his glorious light heavyweight belt, and Vakhitov overwhelmed the Brazilian to secure the victory by majority decision. “Poatan” may have left Glory Kickboxing after the fight, but the ghosts of days gone by now seem to be challenging him.

After years of silence, Artem Vakhitov has now spoken out and criticized the entire UFC for failing to defeat Alex Pereira. The Russian has attacked the entire LHW division in his attempt to challenge Pereira's dominance. “They're not confident going up against him and they think he's invincible. So in their hearts they're already defeated before the fight starts. But I've beaten him before in a straight striking contest and I'm sure I will again when we get our three-way fight in the UFC.”


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Do you think Artem Vakhitov will successfully make the transition to the UFC?

Pereira took note of his words and claimed that he only won the second fight against him because Glory Kickboxing knew about his departure and did not want him to leave with the belt. Regardless, rumors are circulating that UFC boss Dana White is planning to make his trilogy fight in the UFC.

According to reports from trusted sources, Dana White plans to sign Vakhitov for the DWCS competition. The Russian started his MMA career in 2023 and it looks like he will soon make his debut in the UFC. This back and forth between the former rivals has shaken the entire MMA community. Let's see what the fans are talking about.

MMA fans react to the impending storm between Alex Pereira and Artem Vakhitov

Alex Pereira fought Artem Vakhitov twice in his kickboxing career. The duo have a 1-1 record against each other. Pereira contradicted the Russian and explained that he was only given the victory because the promoter wanted to give it to him. “Everyone knows they gave you the win because Glory knew this would be my last fight in the organization and they didn't want me to leave with the belt!” A social media fan explained the same thing.

“Brother, they robbed Pereira and it was a split decision, he only lost because Glory knew he was going to leave”

Vakhitov is a bit shorter in stature compared to Pereira, but that didn't stop him from winning against “Poatan” at Glory 78 in Rotterdam, Netherlands on September 21, 2021. If we compare their heights, Pereira is a massive 6'4″ while Vakhitov is 6'1″. A fan is simply overwhelmed by the fact that Vakhitov managed to get the win against Pereira despite his smaller stature.

“The scary thing is that he didn’t even beat him at middleweight, but ah LHW”

After Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira, Artem Vakhitov could become the third Glory Kickboxing champion to leave his mark on the promotion.

“Great, we’re going to have three Glory Demons in the UFC soon, dude”

Adesanya's arch-nemesis was Pereira, and now we're reliving the same story again with Vakhitov. Will he be able to reignite history?

“Perreira has his own Perreira”


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In addition, one social media fan stated that Pereira has improved his game so much in the UFC that if he had faced the kickboxer from his time, he would have defeated him.

“Alex Pereira would kill the Alex Pereira from Glory right now. The guy has stayed at this level. He's in for a rude awakening. Let it happen.”

And last but not least, if Yousri Belgaroui When he came to the DWCS, there was hope that he would also defeat Pereira as he had already beaten him in his kickboxing days, but the reality was a little different as he was defeated by Marco Tulio.


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“Do you remember Yousri Belgaroui? Don’t get your hopes up”

A trilogy between Alex Pereira and Artem Vakhitov can lead to a trilogy rivalry between Pereira, Vakhitov and Adesanya. That would be good for the promotion, but only if the Russian survives the DWCS. What do you think of the whole fiasco? Write your opinion in the comments below.

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