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HILLSBORO – A Pocahontas County man has been charged with a hate crime following an incident involving him and his neighbors.

Roy Lynn Walker, 58, of Hillsboro, was charged with two counts of making terroristic threats and one count of violating a person's civil rights. He is being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail on $20,000 bail.

According to the criminal complaint written by Cpl. DM Brock of the West Virginia State Police, officers responded to an ongoing harassment/assault complaint in Hillsboro around 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

Officials were told by Walker’s neighbor that he “constantly harassed” the neighbor's family, including children, by using obscene language and racial slurs toward them, the complaint states. The neighbor said Walker verbally abused and threatened the family, saying: “You will get what you deserve.”

The officers tried to speak to Walker, who “extremely drunk and confrontational”, according to the complaint. Brock advised Walker, “Return home and stop using racial slurs or loud and boisterous language.” As Brock returned to his vehicle, Walker allegedly yelled: “I’m going to shoot all you damn cops!” He is said to have continued to shout, threaten and use racist insults.

Walker was subsequently arrested and taken to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

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