• A young woman has shared the numerous messages her boyfriend sent her after she blocked his number
  • In the messages, the worried man asked her for forgiveness and begged her to respond to his messages
  • Some Internet users asked in the comments if their boyfriend was not loved at home if he begged like that

A woman shared a series of messages from her boyfriend asking for forgiveness and begging her to respond after she blocked his number.

Man begs girlfriend who blocked him. Image credit: @fran_chiseblinks/TikTok.
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The news went viral on social media, sparking mixed reactions about her boyfriend's determination to beg “too much.”

Woman shows messages from her boyfriend who had problems

In the messages shared by @fran_chiseblinks on TikTok, the boyfriend repeatedly apologized and asked for forgiveness, explaining that he would still love her even if she had gone to someone else.

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He accused her of taking things too seriously and begged her to respond to his messages, claiming he was going through a difficult time and her silence was adding to his pain.

In his words:

“I will continue to love you even if I find out you have a man in your life. I have always loved you but you didn't understand the kind of person I am. Please reply to me and let me know where I stand now. Are you ending our relationship?

“I have been asking you to answer me since this morning, but you still don't respond. You have a bad character for taking small things seriously. I am going through a lot right now, please don't make me even more distressed.

“You said it was always about me? When you told me you never saw any light in me, do you know how I felt that day? But look at the way you react to a joke. I was just playing a game, madam. If you don't want to join in the conversation, that's fine.”

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Reactions to the messages of the disturbed friend

The TikTok post gained significant traction on the platform as internet users shared their opinions.

@Donjoe said:

“There's only one reason he's doing this. I'm 100 percent sure he didn't sleep with you. Relax, it's your turn. Answer the phone.”

@SophiaSoft5 explained:

“This is my boyfriend. I blocked him one night after an argument, hmmm I saw calls, chats and texts, haaa I was so surprised.”


“This is too much now. If you don't love him, please let him go. I feel for him.”

@sylvanuuu reacted:

“Why do you let a man beg you like that? You have no conscience.”

@Williams-Sieg said:

“Why do you say you didn't see any light in him? It hurts a lot.”

@horlayide said:

“I'm so appealing to him, he finds someone else hot.”

Watch the video below:

Woman receives heartbreaking call from her boyfriend

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