• Alex Pereira has made a name for himself in the UFC with his impressive fighting skills and charismatic personality.
  • Pereira's fight nights are a huge success, headlining two of the UFC's highest-grossing events and rivaling Conor McGregor in ticket revenue.
  • Fans are drawn to Pereira not only for his spectacular knockouts, but also for his entertaining walkouts and kind-hearted nature outside the cage.

Numbers never lie, and after collecting new data, the current face of the UFC is officially two-division champion Alex “Poatan” Pereira. In less than three years, the former kickboxing world champion has captured the minds and hearts of both casual and hardcore combat sports fans. Although he doesn't speak English, his personality shines through in interviews and everyday interactions that pop up on social media.

Following Pereira's recent knockout win at UFC 303, it's now undeniable what the Brazilian striker has accomplished in such a short period of time. Since his debut fight in November 2021, Pereria has a record of 8-1, with six wins over former undisputed champions, but one statistic that stands out more than others is the goals scored in the fights he has headlined.


Alex Pereira’s UFC 303 KO in “Shared Reality”

It's almost like being in the Octagon…

Alex Pereira headlined the third and fourth best-selling UFC events

He is as reliable a ticket seller as Conor McGregor

Alex Pereira, Conor McGregor, Jon Jones and Ronda Rousey

The main reason the MMA community flocks to the arena when it's time for a Pereira fight is because of his jaw-dropping high points and also because his exit is an event in itself. He marches to the cage as a Brazilian tune blares from the arena's speakers, pauses, and then mimics a bow-and-arrow maneuver at his opponent or prey.

Another reason UFC fans are drawn to Pereira is his bright personality. He may cast a death stare on the souls of his opponents, but when “Poatan” isn't locked in the cage, he's friendly. Check out the video below to see his reaction when he got the call to step in as the main event of UFC 303 after Conor McGregor pulled out due to injury:

Finally, when the UFC's ninth double champion isn't fighting, he can show a fun side that doesn't come out that often. Check out the video from a few years ago (before he wore the belt) that shows a playful Pereira:

And as the data below shows, it's paying off in ticket sales, with Pereira rivaling McGregor in ticket revenue and already overtaking Jon Jones and Ronda Rousey.


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Alex Pereira's next fight

MMA record: 11-2 (9 KOs), UFC wins: 8, Best win: Israel Adesanya

Alex Pereira speaks out

Following Jiri Prochazka's second loss, even more options have opened up for Pereira. Some have been hoping for a decider between him and Adesanya at light heavyweight, but the New Zealand fighter has shown little interest in trying his hand at 205 pounds again. What is gaining the most momentum after UFC 303 is the direct push for Pereira to move up to heavyweight and become the organization's first three-weight world champion.

There are a few favorable matchups in the heavyweight division, but a clash with Jon Jones will likely be the most brutal fight for “Poatan,” as the dynamic striker has been defeated by far less experienced fighters. Regardless of the fight itself, Jones vs. Pereira in the heavyweight division would be the hottest ticket in town – and would undoubtedly set another all-time attendance record in the process.

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