Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown reached a national audience on Wednesday with the release of the Netflix series “Receiver.”

St. Brown was one of five players to be monitored throughout the historic 2023 NFL season for the Lions, giving fans a glimpse into the life of the Detroit Lions' best wide receiver.

Here are 10 insights from his appearance in the eight episodes of “Receiver.”

St. Brown played despite oblique muscle tear

One of the biggest revelations of the show was that St. Brown will play the 2023 season despite an oblique injury. He suffered a toe injury in the second game of the year and the oblique injury a week later. He played in Week 4 but sat out the following week.

In the first episode, St. Brown revealed that his oblique was indeed torn. The fact that he was only out for a week was a surprise in itself, even though the USC product has become known for his tireless work ethic and toughness.

Illness during mid-season

Another ailment St. Brown has dealt with throughout the 2023 season was a bout with hand, foot and mouth disease in Week 8. He developed blisters and spots on his face the weekend before Detroit's Monday Night Football game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

St. Brown compared the pain in his feet to walking on pins and needles, and he also had pain in his hands. He came to the game wearing a face mask to hide the marks on his face and wore a ski mask under his helmet for the game itself.

His girlfriend Brooklyn Adams revealed that the sores on his feet turned into blisters and burst during the game. It was a painful experience in a game that ultimately ended in a victory for the Lions.

The “Pump Dance”

In the Lions' season-opening win over the Kansas City Chiefs, St. Brown was nearly penalized for his celebration after scoring the first touchdown of the season. He swung his hips, and a conversation is shown between the referees and Dan Campbell, who warns that if St. Brown did it again, he would have been penalized.

Rivalry between siblings

The St. Brown brothers faced each other twice during the 2023 regular season while Amon-Ra's brother Equanimeous played for the Chicago Bears. The two co-host a podcast, and a clip from their episode played before the teams' first meeting in Detroit.

Ultimately, the Lions were able to pull off a comeback victory in this showdown. After the game, the brothers are seen interacting with various family members at Ford Field. Amon-Ra also received a visit from his parents, where his father talked about the difficulties the Lions had during the game.

“I thought it was going to be a tough game from the beginning,” John Brown said. “But in my opinion, you still lost the game. For me, that was a loss. I wouldn't count that as a win. Adjustments have to be made, a lot of adjustments. A lot.”

“Drink Coca-Cola”

The Lions' star receiver's father is a celebrity in his own right, being a former world weightlifting champion. John Brown makes several appearances throughout the series and steals the show in several situations.

This included the Lions' victory over the Raiders, where he was filmed urging his son to drink Coca-Cola instead of other beverages during halftime while battling an illness,” Brown said. “He was adamant that the soft drink would give him energy, compared to other, more appropriate alternatives such as Gatorade.”

At one point, he appears to send a text message to Amon-Ra before halftime, telling him to drink Coke in the locker room.

“I told my son to drink Coca-Cola because Coca-Cola keeps his energy levels up. Yes, Coca-Cola is the real deal. As he gets older, sometimes he doesn't listen to what I say. When he was young, he did that. Coke is the real deal. Not Gatorade, Coke.”

Later, in a sit-down interview, John explains why he thinks the soft drink is the more satisfying alternative.

“Water doesn't give you energy. Drink that Coke, you'll get some energy,” Brown said. “A lot of people out there will look at this and say, 'Oh, he's crazy. What is he talking about?' Try it. Next time you're tired or not feeling well, drink a Coke and see what happens.”

Encounters with Justin Jefferson

St. Brown wasn't the only NFC North receiver featured on the show. Also featured was the Minnesota Vikings' top wide receiver, Justin Jefferson. One of the league's best receivers, Jefferson managed a solid year despite the Vikings struggling to find an answer at the quarterback position following Kirk Cousins' injury.

The Lions swept the Vikings in 2023, including a narrow win in the first meeting that gave Detroit the division title. Both St. Brown and Jefferson had high praise for each other and were shown interacting and exchanging pleasantries following the Lions' home victory to close out the regular season.

Pro Bowl rejection

St. Brown was not initially selected for the Pro Bowl despite finishing the season with over 1,500 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns. The broadcast showed footage of a team meeting in which Campbell informed the team that St. Brown had not been selected for the Pro Bowl.

The wide receiver was shocked by the news, appeared frustrated during the meeting and later talked about the situation with Kalif Raymond and Jared Goff. The quarterback showed his support for his wide receiver with a witty comment during a practice at the Lions' indoor facility.

“Hashtag St. Brown got (swear word),” Goff said.

St. Brown expressed his frustration in media appearances throughout the season, but reiterated his feelings in an on-air testimonial.

“We have a team meeting on Wednesday morning,” St. Brown explained. “Coach Campbell shows everybody who made it. I wasn't there, I didn't make it and I was hot. I was angry. I wouldn't say I was as angry as I was on draft day, but I would say it was about as angry.”

Behind the scenes of the playoff run

A unique aspect of the show is the access to the teams playing in the postseason. With St. Brown in the running, the Lions' playoff run is presented from several different angles. There is a segment where the wide receiver is shown dying his hair blue in the lead-up to the win over the Rams.

Since San Francisco also has two players on the show in Deebo Samuel and George Kittle, the NFC Championship Game is quite present in the season finale. The emotions of the Lions' collapse and the 49ers' euphoria are well balanced.

In a post-game interview conducted in German, St. Brown gets emotional and shares some emotional moments with his family after the game.

Reactions from the First-Team All-Pro

Although St. Brown did not make the Pro Bowl, he was named to the First-Team All-Pro for the first time in his career. He is shown receiving the news in a video conference call with Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press near the end of the regular season.

This is a unique angle as it allows viewers to experience the moment he learns the news and also gives insight into how the trial unfolds.

“One of the pillars”

The final segment of the show featuring St. Brown features footage of him signing a lucrative contract extension that commits him to staying with the Lions for the foreseeable future.

During his meeting with his agent, Joby Branion of Vanguard Sports Group, Campbell walks in and hugs St. Brown, praising the impact the wide receiver has had on the organization and jokingly urging him to “finally sign the contract.”

“You're one of the pillars, brother,” Campbell said. “Nobody deserves this more than you.”

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